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Wine and oil are the fruit of an intimate pact between the earth and man. A meeting that is the history of civilization.

In the heart of the countryside between Siena and Grosseto, a hill that overlooks the Val d'Orcia and breathes the fresh winds of Mount Amiata hosts a precious gem: Terra Dragona, 1.5 hectares of rich and productive land, cultivated with care and the heart that characterizes this sunny niche in Tuscany.

In an area influenced by sea breezes and by the sensitive temperature ranges of the harvest period, the grapes guarantee power and softness to the wines of great value.

The philosophy of this wine is to vinify a pure Sangiovese, and therefore to produce a wine with an easy and pleasant drink, which can help to affirm and enhance the characteristics of the territory in which it is found.

The entire plot consists of two vineyards: the historic vineyard, which produces about 80-90 quintals of Sangiovese grapes, which is vinified in our cellar and produces exclusively Montecucco Docg and Doc: red with ruby tones, with a bouquet of wild berries and sweet spices, tannic and fresh on the palate.

The planting began in 2002 with the Sangiovese vines, but today it is enriched with a new fruit: a vineyard of white grapes planted in April 2011. Having been born thanks to the contribution and collaboration of many friends, this vineyard was called Vigna Philìa (from the Greek filos, friend). Already in 2014 we were able to taste the wine of this vineyard which is still bottled today and is available for sale at Casa Dragona, although it has a limited production, like all precious goods.

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